3 Things You Need to Do When Using Chat Service for Website Customer Service

When you’re using chat service for website customer service, it is very important that you avoid becoming complacent. Don’t just install the software and assume that everything will be alright. A lot of the benefits you get come from proper utilization. If you don’t know how to use it properly, you won’t see many benefits from using chat service for website customer service.

The following are a few additional things you should do on your part to ensure that you get the results you were looking to get. 

  1. Ensure Proper Integration

Always make sure that your chat service for website customer service is properly integrated and accessible on different platforms. Not all users access your website through their PC. Mobile integration is a necessity as the numbers of mobile users keep growing with each passing year and show no signs of abating. Having properly integrated software for mobile services is definitely a must here.

desktop and mobile integration

Not having your chat service accessible to them can make a huge difference in the kind of results you are hoping to get from it. Also, make sure that your chat service for website customer service is also integrated with social media platforms like Facebook’s Messenger. It makes things easier and ensures all queries are directed to the same database.

  1. Train Your Staff

When you’re making the switch to using chat service for website customer service, give your team a little time to adjust. Any new software comes with its own challenges and even the best software can have a little bit of a learning curve. While average chat times can range from 10 seconds to 40 seconds, for some teams, it can also take 2 to 3 minutes. 

Train your staff on how to use chat service for website customer service and ensure that they’re performing in accordance with the average time. You can also help them out by having pre-written responses that save time and ensure that quality is properly maintained. Coach them once or twice with some in-house scenarios and then see how they perform with real clients. 

  1. Use a Virtual Agent

One of the best ways that you can use chat service for website customer service is by utilizing a virtual agent. Using virtual agents allows you to offer services on a 24/7 basis. This also means that you don’t have to worry about missing any leads or queries during off hours. You also don’t have to worry about staffing issues and costs. A virtual agent can handle basic, complex queries, collect necessary information and contact details.

This means that when your team comes in, during work hours, they can follow up with the person and handle their query then. Virtual agents are also inexpensive and if you find one that integrates with your chat service for website customer service, you can really improve the quality of your customer support services. 

With the help of these three things, you can make sure that your support services are always on point for all your customers. 

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