How Integrating Live Chat with Your CRM Benefits You

Customer satisfaction can be a make-or-break factor for any business today. The businesses and industries worldwide are growing at lightning-fast pace and people now have more options that can fulfill their needs. So, for any business to gain and retain customers, it is important you learn how you can integrate live chat with CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is now playing a very important role in organizations and one trend that seems to offer immense benefits when integrated with CRM is live chat support for customers. Live chat with CRM not only helps in achieving customer satisfaction but also in gaining long-term customers, as 63% of customers are more likely to revisit the website that offers live chat feature.

Integrating useful apps with customer management systems is only about two things: user happiness and customer happiness. If either of them is not being increased, the integration is worthless. Good CRM live chat software for your website will make sure that it seamlessly integrates with your CRM, to offer greater customer management.

Live chat with CRM

Benefits of Live Chat With CRM.

Customer Satisfaction

In your attempt at keeping your customers happy, you must remember that they want to trust you. Building a strong relationship with customers based on trust is the key to ultimate customer satisfaction. Ideally, Customers want to know you value them. Through integrated CRM live chat software for your website, it will be made sure that up-to-date customer profiles and past chat transcripts are provided to the agents, sales reps, and everyone at your company who engages with customers.

Buyer Targeting

Usually, businesses make the mistake of confusing buyer personas with buyer profiles. They do not actually focus on web analytics and real data when mapping out the customer journey and miss out on the “when, why and how” of buyers’  decisions.

Integrating live chat with CRM system will help you in targeting buyer interests. A CRM solution with marketing automation will help you enhance your target buyer’s interest. Then, you can mark customers based on conversations and execute automated campaigns on them.

Increased Revenue

Live chat alone has been proven to increase sales as well as average order value. With its integration with CRM and using CRM live chat software for your website, you will actually be expanding the benefits to future revenue as well.

Answering the queries of the customers quickly and effectively will make sure you are right on track with your sales. However, when you enable your CRM to access your live support data, the sales team can work dynamically and even up-sell your current customers, based on their past behavior and future predictions.

Brand Loyalty

CRM is great for your sales team to track new leads, create repeatable deal pipelines, manage lead scores and much more. However, that still does not help in building brand loyalty. Chances are that your revenue in the future will largely depend on the already existing customers and that’s where CRM live chat software for your website comes in handy, because it will play a key role in retaining those customers.


CRM live chat software for your website will ensure that you don’t appear as a faceless business and that will help in gaining customer trust and loyalty.