The Scrum Approach in Improving Customer Service

The scrum approach has been used by software companies for over a decade to ensure that the project deliverables meets customer’s requirements. It is an empirical approach to managing the project that advocates adaptive planning, early delivery, evolutionary development, and continuous improvement.

scrum approach

The Scrum approach has evolved from the Agile Manifesto that was introduced in 2001. The manifesto focuses on the individuals, technological tools, customers, and responsive service. Various industries have modified and adopted the scrum approach in improving their internal processes. The scrum approach can also be adopted by firms to offer exceptional customer service.

How Scrum Approach can Help in Improving Customer Service

The scrum approach can be utilized in improving the customer service. Most of the basic principles of the technique can be applied in the customer service segment. The time-bound, short sprints having predefined goals can help in improving the customer service experience.

Sprint Backlog

Creating a spring backlog is one of the foundations of the scrum approach. It refers to reviewing issues and problems by a team. A company can also implement spring backlog to scrub all the issues relating to the customer support. This requires working with the customers to identify the bugs (issues) that can be used to improve the customer experience. The customer service team can review, measure, and improve the issues within a specified sprint period.

Improved Scrum Team Dynamics

The scrum approach can be used to improve collaboration among the customer service personals. They can set a turnaround time for the response from the team, and the resolution of the issues. The first response requires gauging the severity of the problem. Afterward, the team can prioritize the issues, and address those that will offer greater value to the customers.

Align Customer Service Goals

The scrum approach can also help in aligning the goals of the management, production and support teams, and the customers. It can help in ensuring that everyone is on the same footing regarding customer service quality.

Speedy Resolution of Issues

Focusing on the spring backlog can ensure that the customer support team is able to address each and every issue that results in poor customer service. The team can make a plan to resolve customer issues and pain points. The goal should be to have no backlog so that the personnel can continue to deliver exceptional customer service.

In conclusion, the scrum approach can be used to offer improved quality of service to the customers. Sprint planning is a crucial phase that can create help in devising a plan that results in delivery of service that exceeds expectation of the customers. It entails assigning a ScrumMaster to a team of customer service personnel and review the entire customer service quality improvement process. The approach can enable the team to identify issues after coordinating with the customers, and then devise effective measures that can help in resolution of the problems relating to customer service.  Learn more about using scrum management to improve customer service here.