What Annoys Customers on Your Website

Offline businesses take a lot of efforts to make their offices or stores comfortable and pleasant for their customers. Online businesses must take care of their websites. Many businessmen and women think that creating a website is easy. But are they aware of small things that can drive their customers crazy? So how do you avoid annoying your website visitors by creating a user-friendly website?

User-friendly website

First of all a user-friendly website must provide enough information about products, so the customers were able to make a decision right away. If they do not find required information, they will switch to your competitors, where they can find what they need. It does not imply that you need to add as much information as possible. Every product has a minimum required description that satisfies most of the consumers. Make sure that you cover this minimum. Some extra information may come useful and attract customers to your website. Too much information can cause unnecessary doubts, that is why we do not recommend to use excessive descriptions. 

Make sure that your language is understandable to your customers. You can be original in anything that does not affect usability and comprehension. Know who your customers are and what their education is. Test your texts on the difficulty testers.

After you polish up the website content, there still can be customers who have questions and concerns that are not covered your website. People always want to know that you are a real business with real people. This is why your contact information is another thing to consider. Your contact information should be easy to find, and your phones and chat must be picked up and emails replied. Nothing annoys customers more than a failed contact.

Get a live chat tool for your website. This is one of the easiest ways for customers to reach you. But remember of a few things that can make a live chat experience disastrous for your clients.

  • Don’t make your customers wait. Pick up the chat within a few seconds.
  • Don’t ask how you can help if a customer has already described his questions. Read it first.
  • Don’t use too many automated replies, you will sound robotic.
  • If a chat is transferred to you from another operator, don’t make the customers to repeat their dialog. Ask for a minute to catch up with the conversation.
  • Don’t transfer clients to another operator or department before you are 99% sure that you are transferring them to the right department. They may lose their patience after the second or the third transfer.
  • Don’t terminate the chat before you make sure that the customers do not have any further questions.

An online business requires as much attention as an offline business. To create a successful online business, pay attention at details and make your customers happy by ensuring you have a user-friendly website.