How to Keep Calm at Work

Service people happen to be stressed quite often. It is their job to communicate with customers and solve many issues. Stressed and angry customers can influence those who are trying to help them, and make them feel the same way. If it sounds familiar to you, here are the tips on stress management at work.

Breathe deeply.

Take a few minutes to sit calmly and breathe. Close your eyes, and place your hands on your belly to control your breath. Breathe in deeply, then pause for a count of three. Breathe out. Pause for a count of three. You can use some calming phrases instead of the count, for example, “I am at peace” or “I am relaxed”. Try to focus on breathing as much as you can before continuing with the live chat session.

Psychologist Judith Tutin, PhD, says, that “deep breathing counters the effect of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure”.

Relax your muscles.

Stress makes your body strain. To ease the tension, relax your facial muscles and allow your jaw to open slightly. Let your shoulders drop, and arms fall to your sides. Uncross your legs, and feel your thighs sink into chair. Try to relax all muscles and feel how your body becomes heavier. Breathe slowly before you get back to the live chat session.

Listen to music.

Listen to music with your headphones. Pic your favorite song, that helps you relax.


Laugh is a well known technique for relieving tension. Pop-up your favorite silly YouTube video or comic pictures and have a laugh. A portion of tenderness can help here too. Look at pictures of baby animals or photos of pandas.

Stress management

Have a cup of tea.

Green or herbal tea is a good source of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger. Take your time and drink slowly, feel how it runs in your body and relieves tension as method of stress management.

Write it down.

Putting our emotions on paper can make them seem less intimidating. When your write your thoughts down, you start to think logically, that finally eliminates the emotion part. When you read it over, you can analyze the situation and resolve it.

Talk you a friend. 

It as an alternative to a diary. Talk out what bothers you. In fact, more talkative people tend to be happier in general.

Keep calm and be happy.