How Does Live Chat Software Develop Consumer Trust in a Business?

Consumer trust is a fickle, fleeting thing which can be gained or lost at the drop of a hat. Many businesses develop their features and business services in building consumer trust. It also plays a serious role in the future growth of the business. If you’re looking to do the same, adding live chat software to your business can be one of the simplest and easiest ways that you can build trust.

The following are a few more ways that highlight how using live chat software develops consumer trust in your business.

Building Consumer Trust Shows You Care

With social media platforms, the divide between consumers and businesses has been successfully bridged. However, it has now caused a change in the dynamics of how consumers and businesses interact. Consumers don’t want to work with businesses that don’t care about them anymore.

With live chat software, you can ensure availability on a 24/7 basis and show that you care. This extra step makes a huge improvement in how consumers interact with your business. In fact, around 63% of visitors are more likely to return to a website that has live chat options for them.

Shorter Response Times

Building consumer trust using live chat software

Most people don’t enjoy using businesses helplines or emails because of the long wait times. This is why they often resort to using social media or live chat that connects them faster with the business. Live chat software is popularly used because it has shorter response times compared to other mediums:

  • Live Chat – 2 minutes to 9 minutes
  • Social Media – 15 minutes to 10 hours
  • Email – 17 hours or longer

Given this facility, around 79% of all users state that they prefer to use live chat because of the swift response time it offers. Faster response translates into quicker problem resolution.

Improves Product Trust

Everyone has questions when they want to buy something. This is a major reason behind cart abandonment since consumers change their mind in the middle of the purchase. With Live Chat software, you can stop this from happening.

By offering consumers with a platform that they can access during the purchase time, they will be better able to get any questions or queries addressed. What this ends up doing is building product trust. Besides building consumer trust ensures your consumers can shop with you without any worries.

Adds to the Buying Experience

Secure Live chat solution also adds to the buying experience for people which usually includes the quality of the customer support services too. In this case, you will be able to build value in the product by offering the fastest option in terms of customer support.

Additionally, you will also get a lot of repeat business. Around 77% of all buyers state that they return to websites that offer them with live chat software options. In the current marketplace, it is a necessity, not a luxury to have live chat for customer support. So, it’s pretty easy to see that using live chat will improve consumer trust in your business.