How Can CTI Increase Customer Service Satisfaction?

Online customer service is the main avenue for providing an enhanced customer service experience. Services such as website chat integration and social media support are essential for improved customer service. Having said that, we should not forget about phone support for providing exceptional Customer Service Satisfaction. A lot of customers expect a company to provide phone support service. But, computer-telephony integration (CTI) can also be a great way to further optimize phone support and make it more efficient, so customers are connecting with the right services.

Customer Service Satisfaction

But, you may be wondering what CTI actually means – what is it and what does it do? Here are some of the astounding features that CTI customer service can bring to your company.

About CTI – Computer-Telephony Integration

CTI is simply the technical phrase which describes the software or platform(s) used by a company to manage the phone support system it offers to customers. In other words, CTI is an automated customer service system that can streamline complex communication processes. A computer-integrated phone system centralizes control over a wide array of phone-support services. It allows companies to develop simple processes to handle incoming calls, to redirect those calls to the correct departments, to take messages, to switch lines, etc. Additionally, the CTI can be optimized to handle a wide-range of communication mediums such fax, mobile, voicemail, and traditional landline telephones. Without a CTI, companies would face a logistics and communications nightmare!

CTI customer service systems are a huge benefit for small companies, because the technology allows companies to manage customer calls with minimized overhead costs. The handling of a large volume of calls can take place without having to hire additional customer service personnel. This breakthrough system can also enhance and ‘scale-up’ the productivity of existing customer service representation.

Features of CTI Technology

CTI technology consists of different features that help in managing calls. Here are just a few of the features of this phone support technology.

Track Calls

Most CTI customer service systems have an automated tracking feature. The system can log calls when saved in the CRM. This tracking system results in a more streamlined data management practice, which allows customer service personnel to serve customers more efficiently. They can even listen to past calls for quality assurance assessments or to locate a piece of missing information that was lost during conversation.

Time-Saving Features

A valuable feature of CTI systems is the click-to-call option. This feature can save time and effort for the customer support personnel. Also, CTI systems have call-routing functionality. This allows calls to be forwarded to the appropriate customer service agent, which will result in a more efficiency. Furthermore, CTI customer service systems enable answering of calls through the computer. Customer service personnel can comfortably hold and transfer calls, as well as upload notes to the help desk software and share updates with the team.

Integration with Other Devices for Customer Service Satisfaction

CTI systems can integrate with different methods that result in streamlined business operations. The integration will foster cooperation, increase productivity, and improve the overall customer experience. You can incorporate the CTI system with live chat, help desk support, email, and support tickets, which are all visible on the dashboard. Whatever the size of your company, CTI Customer Service Satisfaction systems can help you deliver enhanced customer service. You will save costs and streamline business operations. The result will be improved customer satisfaction and loyalty that will have a positive impact on the company’s profit position.