Chat Support Software and Personalities

Website chat support software can certainly help provide exceptional customer service. However, in the end, it’s the people who use the chat support software that make difference. Just as great actors can make the characters seem real, great cooks can make food taste extraordinary, and great hosts can make a party memorable, a great customer service representative can make a positive impression on the customers.

Chat support software and personalities

Building a reputation for exceptional customer service requires hiring employees who have the right personality traits. Here are five traits that you should look for when hiring for a customer representative position.

Traits To Look For In Chat Support Software Responsibilities.

1. Being Assertive

Assertiveness is a core personality trait for a customer service representatives using chat support software. Being assertive means expressing oneself effectively without being aggressive or passive. It refers to clearly sending a viewpoint across to the other person while also respecting their rights and beliefs. For customer service representatives, assertiveness can help in quickly resolving customer issues. It can help in making the customer happy quickly without having to jump through different supervisory hoops.

2. Agreeableness

Agreeableness is another important personality trait for the customer service representatives. At the end of the day, customer have the right to air their concerns. They have paid for the product or service and expect nothing but the best. So, a customer service representative using chat support software should side with the customer when resolving concerns. And this is where the personality trait of agreeableness proves invaluable.

3. Empathy

Empathy means the ability to understand the feelings of another. This is an essential personality trait that you should look for when hiring customer service representatives. Customer service representatives should understand the difficulties that are faced by a customer. They should know how to put themselves in the shoes of the customer while on chat support software to understand their problems. Empathy help the customer service rep to more easily connect with the customers and solve their issues.

4. Conscientious

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, conscientious persons are more likely to be a good customer service representative. They are better in recognizing the importance of interpersonal interactions, even on website chat support, and make a positive impact on the customer service.

Being conscientious means having a disciplined, organized, and goal driven approach. A candidate that arrives late without the required documents is probably not the best candidate for the position.

5. Persuasive

Persuasive is an important marketing skill that is also important for customer service representatives. They should be able to steer the direction of the conversation. A persuasive person will be able to direct the conversation to a direction that is not just beneficial for the customer but the company as well.

The above are the most important traits that you should look for when hiring customer service representatives. A customer service representative with the above qualities can make the website chat support more effective. It can ensure that the chat support software helps in making the best impression on the customers, resulting in improved customer loyalty and revenues for the company.