Build Trust, Sales Will Follow – Tips for Live Chat

The key for any business to blossom is the trust of the customer. Customer support is touted as the ultimate battlefield where the businesses are competing in 2017. A good customer experience means an increase in sales and a bad customer experience will make you lose customers quicker than you think. To ensure you maintain great sales you should learn the tricks of building customer trust

Building Customer TrustFrom phone calls to e-mails, companies have adapted different methods to communicate with their customers, over the years. However, a majority of customers in today’s times look for quicker and instant assistance from companies. Live chat software is now the quickest and most effective way for businesses to connect with their customers through their website.

Live chat allows you to directly assist your customers and resolve their queries every time they visit your website. A significant customer ratio says that they prefer live web chat over e-mail and phone calls. Live chat also boosts conversion rate.

In addition to installing good live chat software, there are several tricks and etiquettes that the agent should keep in mind to ensure customer satisfaction, which eventually leads to increase in sales.

Here are some tips for Building customer trust in live chat session.

Tips For Building Customer Trust.

Personalized Response Goes a Long Way

Your replies should be customized instead of robotic. People show more interest when they know there is a real person assisting them instead of a machine. A personalized response lets your customers know that they are valued, and this offers a great chance of increasing your conversion rate.

You Snooze, You Lose!

The biggest reason why customers prefer live chat is because it provides a quick way for them to acquire assistance, avoiding the hassle of phone calls, e-mails, and even long queues. If you take more than 20-30 seconds to reply, it is likely that you will lose the customer.

Be Polite and Attentive

The first thing a customer notices is your way of interacting with them. A majority of the customers say that they are more likely to stick to a brand if they provide a friendly and polite customer support. If the customer sends an emoticon, you can respond with an appropriate emoticon, but do not go overboard. Also, stick to positive words and try avoiding the negative ones, such as “can’t”, “won’t” or “don’t”.

Focus on Helping – Trust Will Lead to Sales

When answering queries by the customer, make sure you are being helpful and providing all the relevant information that you can. Aim for strengthening your relationship with the customer and building trust instead of trying to make a desperate sale.

Do Not Lose Composure, No Matter What

Customer support can be a tricky area. You will sometimes come across customers who are adamant, very demanding, and hard to please. It is crucial while dealing with such customers that you keep your calm and maintain focus. Also, some issues can be complex and will require you to be patient with the customer.

Live chat is proving to be a game changer in customer support and is helping businesses increase their customer-base and conversion rate significantly.