Why Should You Consider Website Chat Integrations?

What can you do to improve your customer service experience? How can you serve them faster than you already do? If you haven’t opted for website chat integrations yet, now is the time to do so! No queues, no holds – your customers can reach out to you instantly. And as you resolve their queries, you can even multitask when you wait for a reply.

Website chat integration is a standard now, especially for mega enterprises. A research conducted in 2015 said that companies who use live chat software have nearly doubled now in the past 6 years. 65% of the respondents claimed that they integrated live chat with their website as an additional support channel. Once you do too, the effect on your customer service levels is significant, which translates into your brand reputation. 

Let’s review the key advantages which a chat software has for businesses. 

getting website chat integrations

It Increases Convenience

What are the two factors that matter the most when you want to provide quality customer service? How accessible your support team is to the customers and how timely they respond to their queries. Website chat integrations address both these factors, allowing your support team to resolve customers’ problems quickly and efficiently. Compare this to a phone line where there are usually queues and waiting times before customers connect to you – if these are too long, you’ll just repel customers away. Also, when talking to customers on your phone, you may have to put them on hold as you troubleshoot their issue or find the root cause – another turnoff.

Live chat software eliminates all these issues making it a whole lot easier for customers to get in touch with you. Plus, it simplifies things at your end too. For instance, when you troubleshot, you can still keep up with the conversation. Generally, customers also take some time to get back to you which gives you a couple more minutes to look into the problem more deeply. Plus, both reps and the customers don’t always have to be glued to the phone anymore, which increases convince even more. 

It Improves Efficiency

Greater convenience increases efficiency, allowing reps to deal with multiple customers at the same time. Moreover, reps’ output increases by around three times, which means greater productivity levels.

Initially, there may be a learning curve involved as reps may take some time to get used to the software. But once they get a hold of it, productivity and efficiency do improve. 

It is More Economical 

Live chat software reduces operational costs because the same number of representatives can handle a greater number of customers at any given instance. You can also install chatbots, which can resolve simple queries and automate case distribution to the most suitable support available. 

Website chat integrations are highly recommended for smoother processes and greater customer service levels. And since you serve them better, they are more likely to return again.