Top 4 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Customer service can make or break your business. Even if you offer quality products or services, you won’t be able to make a good impression on the customers if your customer service is below par. This is particularly true in the current economy when most businesses are struggling due to high competition. Therefore, for effective customer services, you need to avoid Customer Service Mistakes.

Business owners need to focus on exceptional customer service. According to Micah Solomon, author, consultant and thought leader on customer service, companies today should deliver a better-than-good-enough level of customer service. Unfortunately, most business often fails to send a good message due to making customer service mistakes over and over again.

Here are top four customer service mistakes that result in angry, dissatisfied and frustrated customers. If you want your business to prosper, it’s highly recommended that you avoid making the customer service mistakes mentioned in this article.

Top Four Customer Service Mistakes

1. Poor Quality Connection

Poor quality connection is one of the most common mistakes that get customers easily frustrated. Customers today want flawless services. And connection quality is one aspect to which customers show no mercy.

Most customers that contact the company are already fumed about one thing or another. If they have to face poor quality connection, it can take their anger above the boiling point. In case they consistently experience bad quality connection when they contact the company, they will start questioning the quality of anything else offered by the company.

2. Long Waiting times

Customer Service Mistakes

Another common customer service mistake is putting people on long waiting times.  Customers want solutions instantly. Most of them don’t have the time or the patience to endure long waiting times. So, if you want to turn that frown upside down, you need to tell your customer service team to avoid keeping the customers on hold for long.

3. Not Having a Support Helpdesk Software

Technology is developing fast. If companies don’t keep abreast of the latest technologies, they can be left behind. To ensure a competitive edge on customer service, it’s important that you embrace the latest customer service tools.

A quality online helpdesk software will allow your customer service team to work proactively in addressing customers’ issues effectively. You will find that the benefits will outweigh the cost of the software.

4. No Written Customer Service Policies

This is a mistake that majority of firms are guilty of making. Most companies don’t have any policies regarding how to serve the customers. Making a policy can standardize the customer service. It can ensure a consistent customer service quality. Also, it can help keep the expectations realistic about the customer service.

Make sure that you create policies to address complaints, refunds, returns, customer respect and resolving queries. Write the policies in an easy-to-understand simple language. Furthermore, they should be easily accessible by both the customer service personnel and the customers.

The top four mistakes regarding customers service are important to remember. Taking steps to avoid the mistake will help your customer support to stand out and allow you to retain customers for a long time.