Hire the Best Customer Service Team

Customer service standards determine service quality. But only people can make any system work.  Only a well-trained and motivated customer service team can deliver superior customer service. It is not easy to find the right people, but if you know what to look for, your plan may come true. 

An ideal service guru should have the following skills:

1. Thick skin

Everyone knows that customer service job is stressful, even if you work for the best company in the world. If a member of a support team is too emotional, he will break down sooner or later, and that does not work for good customer service.

2. Clear communication skills

Customer service is all about communication. In the most cases, customers do not choose the best product in the world, but they choose a company where they feel comfortable, where they can easily get on with the staff and get answers to all their questions.

3. Persuasion skills

The majority of prospects compare several products before making a purchase. The aim of your customers service representatives is to make customers interested in your products and dispel clients’ doubts. 

4. Ability to “read” customers

What is said is not always what is meant. Sometimes non-verbal signs say more than words, and can explain a situation better. This skill is the most useful in offline communication, but sometimes it is even possible to read between the lines. 

read between the lines

5. Ability to use “positive language”

Customers do not want to hear about problems, difficult situations and out-of-stock products. They want to hear about your solution, challenging experience and new arrivals. Customers describe your company in the words you do.  

6. Goal oriented focus

Communication in customer service is not a mere chit-chat. Every interaction should be focused at solving customers’ issues. Ability to reach goals is important for those employees who want to be good at customer service. 

7. Closing ability

Many deals fail only because of inability of a customer service representative to close a deal. Without this skill, all other skills become almost useless, because customers won’t buy even if your rep is a great person with good communication skills. They will be happy to talk and then buy in another place. 

8. Work ethic

Working with people requires ethic. Companies may set up their own standards, but basic standards are essential for everyone. 

9. Willingness to help

Those who do not like helping people, cannot succeed in customer service. Great customer service can only be provided by people who is ready to go an extra mile to help others.

10. Willingness to learn

Willingness to learn is a key success factor in any profession, including customer service. Effective team is a well-trained team. Your customer service people may lack many of the above skills when you hire them, but if they really want to learn, they may become your best employees. 

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