4 Tips For Using Virtual Agent Chatbots

Customer relationships have evolved to become more personalized and convenient for the customers themselves. One of the relatively new technological developments relating to customer service includes a virtual agent chatbot, or VA chatbot. The automated service allows online users to interact with customers during off-office hours.

Live Chat Agents About to Be Replaced With Virtual Agents?

It is a question that is gradually strengthening in echoes in the chambers of customer service. And, a report by Gartner has only added to the pitch of the tone:

How Virtual Agent Live Chat Solution Can Help Physicians?

The scope of service accessibility has expanded beyond the walls of a traditional brick and mortar premises. This is the digital age, where, consumers first try to reach a service through the portal of internet before following it up with any other action (that is, if they need to in first place). And, healthcare services are no different.

The Best Practices for Implementing Virtual Agent Live Chat Solution

The advancements in technology have nurtured humans with a desire to be facilitated promptly. Especially, when we talk about online shopping in particular, customers want answers to their questions —quick and fast, a failure to comply with which can result in loss of a potential revenue generating opportunity.  This has forced businesses, having presence in the online world, to reinforce their customer support strategy.

How a Virtual Help Desk can Help Boost Customer Service Quality

Online customer service is essential for companies these days. Offering real-time customer service can help boost the customers’ perception of the quality of service. An advancement in the online customer service is the use of virtual agents.

The Firing of Neurons: Explaining How Virtual Agents Work

Virtual agents boost up the productivity of a business, reinforce the customer support network of an organization and improve customer’s online shopping experience. You can learn more about the advantages of a virtual agent incorporated live chat software by clicking here.

The Chatter that Matters—Using Virtual Agent Integrated Live Chat Solution

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the benefits of having a live chat software for your e-commerce website. Today, we would like to take this discussion a step further and explore the subject: How virtual agent integrated live chat solution can consolidate your customer support strategy.

What Do You Need: Chatter at Click or Informative Splatter on Web Page?

Providing the right answer to a customer’s question can make all the difference between an easy transition down the sales funnel or a disgruntled-close-to-a-non-productive sales journey. Your customers have plenty of alternatives available on the internet and if you are not ready to facilitate them with their queries, chances are someone else would.

Boost Sales With HelpOnClick

As a business, it’s important to reach potential customers before they have a chance to click through to another website.  By offering your customers live chat, you give them the opportunity to ask questions while they are at your site before any problems arise.  We offer the ultimate pre-sales/support experience, ensuring they’ll stick around and really check out your products and services.

21 Phrases That Service Staff Must Know

Words are a powerful tool of communication. Using the right phrases can help you resolve any situations with your customers. 

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