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It’s imperative for employers to create a symbiotic relationship with their online customers so they can monitor direct feedback and make changes when necessary.  It’s also important for employers to make a great first impression. After all, visitors to a website make all sorts of judgements on a company based on a preconceived basis; the font, background color, number of photos your site has and even the number of ‘bells and whistles’ your web designer has created for your page can say everything about you and your company. Having an unattractive less-than-perfect professional tone can mean the difference in whether a visitor stays around to see what you’re all about or leaves quickly without a backward glance. It can be very difficult to convert website visitors into happy repeat customers.


We make all sorts of decisions on our first impressions when we meet people. Online businesses have to resort to certain tactics that will hook the visitor and make him or her want to stick around – a virtual glad hand, if you will.’s live chat software is there to offer potential customers all the information they need in order to see what a great business you have and the wonderful products or services you offer.’s software allows you to customize your live chat experience so that it best reflects your business’s philosophy and mission. We’ll help you keep your customers happy by solving their problems before they can click past your site and on to the next one.


How much is the software?

We offer a free 14-day trial version at very competitive prices.

Is there a lag time between when a person asks a question and when it gets answered?

You can contact your website visitors in ‘real-time’

Most businesses work between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.  What if I have a question outside these hours?

Your customers can get instant support when they need it. You can choose to hire live chat operators for 24/7 support or involve the HelpOnClick’s Virtual Agent tool to serve your customers after hours.

Multitasking is a tool that every business must have and we’re no different.  Your chat operators can handle multiple chat sessions, and you can get chat transcripts quickly and easily.

Having a successful business means more than offering potential customers information on your product and/or services.  Our software allows you to geo-locate your website visitors, track visitor footprints, and see the scripts of the previous interactions.’s chat software is premier software for businesses that want live support. When your customers and visitors want personal advice or professional expertise, you’ll be able to offer them a welcoming virtual welcome with our spectacular live chat software.  Won’t you join us in providing your potential customers with all the information and support they’re looking for?

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