Live Chat Software for Mojo Helpdesk

“Mojo Helpdesk is a hosted ticket tracking / help desk application that allows organizations to centralize, assign and track user requests. Use it to track customer and tech support requests, internal tasks management, or for anything that should not fall through the cracks. Mojo tracks requests till they get done.”

On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code

Log into your Mojo HelpDesk account, then go to Manage and select All Settings

Under HelpDesk Owner / Admins, select “Configure Mojo HelpDesk”

Click “Change”

Scroll down, until you find the “Footer” Section

Paste the Code, click “Save” and that’s it!

 Forward HelpOnClick transcript emails to your Mojo HelpDesk

On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Settings

Under “Email to collect left messages”, enter the your Mojo HelpDesk email address

Tick “Automatically send all transcripts to this email” and hit “Save”