Live Chat Software for LightCMS

“No other CMS system comes close to the functionality and flexibility LightCMS offers designers. You get complete control over your designs using HTML, CSS and JS standards with no special languages to learn. Plus, the free LightCMS Designer program offers a ton of benefits at no cost.”

Log into your LightCMS Dashboard

Go to Pages

Select the page where you want the chat to show up then click Edit Page

LightCMS page manager

Click Advanced

LightCMS advanced settings

Go to your HelpOnClick Console and copy the code from under Admin > Code

Add live chat to your LightCMS website - HelpOnClick

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until the “HTML Head” section

Paste the HelpOnClick Code and click “Save my changes”

Paste live chat code to your LightCMS website - HelpOnClick

That’s it! Your Live Chat is ready to use