How to setup Virtual Agent Chat Script

1. Click on tabs: Admin -> Virtual Agent -> Script

2. Choose if you want the Virtual Agent chat script to apply to all websites (default), or select a specific website from the websites drop down.

3. Choose which language you are setting up from the language drop down.

Virtual agent chat scripts - HelpOnClick

4. To add a response, click on “Add” button (or double click on existing response to edit).

Add virtual agent chat scripts - HelpOnClick

5. Fill in the fields in the dialog that opens up.

Edit virtual agent chat scripts - HelpOnClick

Fields explained:
Type – choose the type of response:
1.Custom response – that would be the answer for the specific questions in your business field.
2. Related link – is a link that can be attached to the Custom response. E.g. A video tutorial to back up your Custom response.
Visitor’s question – This is used as a link title in related responses (see Preview below). In addition, the words in the visitor’s question are taken into consideration in the smart search for an answer during chat.
Reply – this should be the answer provided to the visitor by the Virtual Agent.
Keywords – those are the words with highest priority when the Virtual Agent is looking for an answer. Those words should be separated by a comma (,).
Helpful tips for best chat results: Use unique keywords for each message; Use multi-word keywords to better match your visitors’ inquiries.
Lead – this is used if this response should collect a lead. If at least one is selected, the Virtual Agent will prompt the pre-defined labels found on Settings page to collect the lead.
Email lead to – specifies to which email should the contact details be sent to, so you don’t miss a contact request. If empty, it’ll be sent to the default email address.
Related responses – They are used to attach another response or link to this response.

5. Click on “Preview” button to test your script.

Preview virtual agent chat scripts - HelpOnClick