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Zoho Help Desk Live Chat Integration

HelpOnClick is a live chat software that exists to help you perform to the utmost efficiency in regard to your consumer base. It can be difficult to really grab the attention of more hesitant visitors to your website, especially with today’s click-and-go mentality. That’s why it’s important to provide comprehensive, real-time support.

With Zoho live chat integration, you can meet your customers, no matter the platform, for an effective deal.

Forward HelpOnClick transcript emails to your Zoho help desk

If you have not set up your ZOHO Support account and email address, you can follow this tutorial to do so.

On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Settings.

Under “Email to collect left messages”, enter your Zoho Help Desk email address.

Tick “Automatically send all transcripts to this email” and hit “Save”.

Forward HelpOnClick transcript emails to your Zoho Help Desk


That’s it! You are now ready to turn your chat transcripts into support tickets into ZOHO.

Advanced Performance

Zoho CRM allows many features for the advanced management of your client base. Multi-channel support allows you to meet your customers over email, phone, and of course, live chat. Visitor tracking and email analytics will allow you to know what your customers are seeing and help you find the ideal opportunity to engage.

Adding Zoho live chat integration to HelpOnClick is as simple as it is rewarding. To that end, we make integration as effortless as possible. To learn more about this Zoho live chat add-on, contact us today or reach us over the phone at (972) 891-8910.

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