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Zendesk Live Chat Integration

Zendesk is a help desk and customer support platform used by over 200,000 companies. It is cloud-based with a very responsive website design that can be improved even more with Zendesk live chat integration, made easy for you by HelpOnClick. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Navigate to your HelpOnClick live chat window and click on Admin. Then, select Code and scroll down to the HTML code. Highlight and copy the code.

Add live chat software to Zendesk - HelpOnClick


Step 2: Jump over to Zendesk and log in to your account. Click on Settings and then select Extensions.

Step 3: Towards the right side of the screen, look for a button that says Add Widget. Click on it.

Add live chat widget to Zendesk - HelpOnClick


Step 4: Your Zendesk live chat integration is almost complete. Scroll down and select Global JavaScript.

Add live chat code to Zendesk - HelpOnClick


Step 5: You will now enter some information. In the Title field, type “HelpOnClick.” In the Available For field, select “People who are not agents.” In the Content field, type “” at the top, hit enter, and then paste the HTML code after it. Click Submit.

Insert live chat code to Zendesk - HelpOnClick


If you would like to forward HelpOnClick transcript emails to your Zendesk email, it is very easy to do. Simply go back to the HelpOnClick window, select Admin, and then click Settings. In the field for Email to Collect Left Messages, enter your Zendesk email and enable the checkbox that says Automatically Send all Transcripts to this Email. Click Save.

Forward HelpOnClick transcript emails to your Zendesk help desk


If you have any questions about the Zendesk live chat integration, give us a call at (972) 891-8910 or chat with us on our website. You can also message us through our contact page.

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