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Zen Cart Live Chat Integration

At HelpOnClick, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that have the ability to maximize your business’ potential. If you’d like to forge more meaningful connections with your site’s visitors, it’s imperative to have nuanced, intuitive, and streamlined communication in place. If you utilize Zen Cart as your site’s eCommerce platform, install our Zen Cart live chat software, and turn site visitors into loyal customer and clients.

About Zen Cart

Zen Cart takes pride in doing things differently. It’s a platform that’s free, open-source, and incredibly user-friendly. This eCommerce platform is constantly being redeveloped by like-minded entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, and many more to create a seamless browsing experience. It goes without saying that such a program should no doubt have a heavy emphasis on community and communication. That’s where HelpOnClick comes in. With live chat software, it becomes easy to communicate with everyone on the site and move towards more innovative ECommerce and design.

Use HelpOnClick to integrate the Zen Cart live chat software and prepare to engage the multitudes of Zen Cart users revolutionizing the eCommerce world by doing things just a little differently.

On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code

Add live chat software to ZenCart - HelpOnClick


On Zen-Cart files, locate file “tpl_main_page.php” in “/includes/templates/[template_name]/common” folder

Open the file in your favorite editor (such as Notepad) and find the </body> tag at the bottom of the file

Paste the code you copied earlier just before the </body> tag

Save the file and upload to the server

That’s it!

You are a few minutes away from connecting
to your website visitors.

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