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Xcart Live Chat Integration

At HelpOnClick, we’re dedicated to optimizing communication between you, your team, and your site’s visitors. Developing a customer or client base has its difficulties, and with the stiff competition online, it gets even more challenging. So, set yourself apart with intuitive live chat technology.

Easy to Use

Xcart is an open source eCommerce program with one huge advantage: simplicity of use, maintenance, and customization. It’s easy to get your eCommerce site up and running without putting too much of a strain on your finances with breathtaking unique templates, open source code, and the convenience of a mere one-time licensing fee. Live chat will only add to your endless ability to create and explore, giving you the last missing piece: communication with other users.

Use HelpOnClick and install our X cart live chat integration today!

On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code

Add live chat software to X-Cart eCommerce website - HeplOnClick


Login to X-Cart Administrator and choose “Content”->”Edit tempaltes” from the top menu

Choose your template from the list (if you’re not sure which template, check under “Settings”->”General Settings”->”Appearance”)

Set up live chat software on X-Cart - HeplOnClick

Click on “customer”

Install live chat software on X-Cart - HeplOnClick


Click on “bottom.tpl”

Install live chat code on X-Cart - HeplOnClick


Paste the code you copied earlier to the end of the page and click on “Save” button

Add live chat code to X-Cart website - HeplOnClick


That’s it!

You are a few minutes away from connecting
to your website visitors.

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