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The Best Live Chat Integration For Shopify

HelpOnClick is an integrated chat software company dedicated to connecting clients, peers, and salespeople throughout the entirety of the web. You may find yourself at constant odds with your clients in regard to relaying information through your website.

Live chat software is an easy and innovative solution to this. At any time, you can easily communicate with prospective visitors to your site. A program like Shopify can do almost anything with just a click of a mouse, such as listing products, conducting transactions, and customizing your store. However, it’s still important that you integrate the best live chat for Shopify to maximize the benefits of your online customer communication

Security through Automation and Consistency

Shopify is trusted by over 500,000 businesses worldwide, from huge media and commercial players to emerging mom & pop stores and startups. Shopify provides professionally-designed, completely customizable themes and requires no coding experience.

It also handles all transactions from marketing to product payment through safe, secure, and consistent automation. With all this ease of use, you’ll have plenty of time to communicate and create relationships with your customer base using live chat.

Through HelpOnClick, get the best live chat for Shopify and start leading your customers more directly through your online shopping experience.

In the Themes dropdown, select “Template Editor”.

Select “theme.liquid” layout.

Add live chat software to Shopify website - HelpOnClick


On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code

Get live chat code for Shopify website - HelpOnClick


Paste the block of code just before the “</body>” tag.

Add live chat code to Shopify website - HelpOnClick


Click Save and that’s it! Your Shopify Live Chat is now up and running, ready to assist your customers.

You are a few minutes away from connecting
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