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Oscommerce Live Chat Module Integration

At HelpOnClick, we’ve developed a program that can be utilized to improve relationships with clients using innovations in on-site live chat features. With a program like Oscommerce, you can leverage its full suite of tools and services in order to streamline how your products or services are distributed online. To maximize the effectiveness of your online communication, it’s imperative to integrate an Oscommerce live chat module.

Free and Limitless

Oscommerce represents a passionate group of online innovators. Having been running successfully for 17 years and counting, they work tirelessly to provide you with the right tools and programs to begin distributing your product and service online in a seamless and professional fashion, and keep all their services open source and free. As such, an integrated Oscommerce live chat feature is vital to streamlining online communication.

Use HelpOnClick to integrate the Oscommerce live chat module and utilize the full power of Oscommerce.

On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code

Add live chat to OsCommerce website - HelpOnClick

On OsCommerce files, locate file “footer.php” in “/catalog/includes” folder

Open the file in your favorite editor (such as Notepad)

Paste the code you copied earlier just at the very end of the file

Save the file and upload to the server

That’s it!

You are a few minutes away from connecting
to your website visitors.

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