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HelpOnClick Live Chat Transcripts

It’s very helpful to have a copy of previous conversations saved on your email. If something comes up again, you’ll be able to quickly review any HelpOnClick live chat exchange you’ve had with a client, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Enabling email transcripts to be forwarded to your help desk email only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: On the HelpOnClick help desk page, click on Administrator and then select Settings.

Step 2: Read through the page and identify your HelpOnClick email address. If you need to, highlight and copy this email address.


Step 3: Switch over to your HelpOnClick live chat window. Again, click on Admin and then Settings.

Step 4: Locate the box that says Email to Collect Left Messages and enter or paste your HelpOnClick email there.

Step 5: Click the checkbox that says Automatically Send All Transcripts to This Email. The transcripts will now be sent to your HelpOnClick help desk!

Identify your help desk email address - HelpOnClick


The Benefits of Transcripts

When you work with several customers a day, it can be hard to remember each individual experience. Being able to go back and refresh your memory with transcripts keeps you prepared for anything that might come. It can also be very helpful to look back on previous conversations and see how you or your customer service team can improve the chat experience.

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