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Live Chat Software for Drupal

Drupal Integration

HelpOnClick works to integrate live chat technology to improve your website, client relations, and enterprise. It can often seem difficult to connect with your customers in a way that allows you to assess their individual needs. In this regard, it is most helpful to integrate an easy chat module that will allow any customer to receive the help that they need in a timely manner. The Drupal chat module is a fantastic tool in that it not only allows you perfect and clear communication with your customers at any time, but actually allows visitors of your site to communicate with each other.

Site-wide Communication

Drupalchat allows any visitor to your site to chat privately or in an all inclusive public chat room. The module enables you to provide service and online support through the highly modernized and sleek chat system. Chat logging and inbox services are solid and functional, with all messages saved for easy access at any time.

If what you’re after is a site with a heavy emphasis on community, you cannot go wrong with drupal. Not only is it highly effective for businesses, but can be used every bit as effectively for social networking, blogs, and even forums. The Drupal chat module can change any site into a communal experience for anyone who visits.


On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code

Get live chat code for Drupal - HelpOnClick


Login to Drupal admin and choose “Structure” and then “Blocks” sub menu

Click on “Add block”

Add live chat code to Drupal - HelpOnClick


Add title, description and paste the HTML code under the “Block Body” (the text editor must be in HTML view, not in WYSISYG). Make sure to choose “Full HTML” under “Text Format”.


Live chat block on Drupal - HelpOnClick


Scroll down and click on “Save block”

Locate the new block under “Disabled” and drag it to be located under “Footer”


Live chat settings on Drupal - HelpOnClick

Configure live chat on Drupal - HelpOnClick
Scroll down and click on “Save blocks”

That’s it!

You are a few minutes away from connecting
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