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Live Chat Software for Blogger

“Blogger is a free, powerful publishing platform that provides you with all the tools you need to start and grow your blog. It’s fully-customizable and packed with advanced features like HTML editing, gadget support, mobile publishing, and much more.”

Add Live Chat to Blogger

Log into your HelpOnClick Admin Panel

Go to Admin > Code

Select your desired options then copy the generated code.

Live chat software for Blogger - HelpOnClick


Log into your Blogger Dashboard.

Click the menu button, next to the blog on which you want to use Live Chat, then select “Layout.”

Add live chat software for Blogger - HelpOnClick


In the Layout Screen, choose an area of your blog where you would like to add the code, and then click “Add Gadget”. If you will be using an icon or a text link, the gadget’s location will determine the location of your chat link or icon. The floating widget’s position stays unchanged, at the bottom of your website.

Add chat widget for Blogger - HelpOnClick


In the pop-up window, scroll down to the “HTML + Javascript” option and click the + sign.

Add chat widget for Blogger - HelpOnClick


Add a title if you want to – the title will be displayed as text on your Blogger site, if you just want to use the chat widget, icon or link, you can choose not to add a title, just the code. Now paste the HelpOnClick code inside the Content box and click “Save”.

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