The Retail Industry

In today’s extremely challenging markets, any advantage you have over your competition can make a huge difference in the volumes of your sales. The emerging online retail industry has been literally boosted in recent years, becoming a significant way of doing shopping.

If you run an online store, you may have already experienced the tendency of most prospective customers, to communicate; to receive advice or clarification regarding your products. This has become a crucial factor in any business. To enhance the communication process, many companies have chosen to implement Live Chat on their website, so that they can easily ensure support for their customers. Providing such a service on your website, may become the one difference that will make your visitors turn into your customers and not choose a competitor.

Today, the average online shopper still feels the need to interact with someone who can help and advise them, while they choose the most appropriate product, according to their needs. This is why, having an expert available via Live Chat will be a very significant competitive advantage for you. Customers will feel that they are important to you and they will be encouraged to build a relationship. And this, of course, leads to customer loyalty.

With Live Chat, you can provide customer support and sell your products very easily. This is a tool that has become almost mandatory for any online store. It’s like being in front of a sales person in a regular brick and mortar store. This is how your customers feel.

How to Use HelpOnClick Live Chat for Online Stores

This tool will most likely become one of your greatest sources for new sales. Here’s a small part of what you can do with Live Chat Support from HelpOnClick:

  • Provide Sales Assistance,
  • Answer general customer support enquiries,
  • Inform customers with regards to certain products they are interested in,
  • Assist with technical issues, related to your website,
  • Take orders,
  • Provide post-sales and warranty support.

Key Features for efficient Online Stores

HelpOnClick provides an easy to use Live Chat application that will enable you to boost your sales and improve the relationship with your current and prospective customers. Here are some of its key features:

  • Easy Installation: You can add Live Chat to your website by just pasting a block of HTML Code.
  • Highly Customizable: Choose your colors, texts, logos and more. Upload tyour own personalized Live Support icon, to fit your website completely.
  • Flexibility: Chat from anywhere you like: from a browser, using just an Internet Connection; from our lightweight Desktop app, or from your mobile phone, using our Chat via SMS feature, available worldwide.
  • Chat Invitations: Be proactive and invite your visitors to chat, either manually or automatically.
  • Multiple sessions: You can chat with many visitors at the same time.
  • Real Time Monitoring: See who’s on your website anytime you want to. Get real time traffic insights; see your visitor’s IP address and geographic location.
  • Chat Transcripts: Get all your chat transcripts into an easy to use, searchable archive. Also send your transcripts to any email address and turn them into tickets. Additionally, if your customer requests to receive the transcript via email, you can do that too.
  • Canned Response: Easily set up pre-written answers to the most frequently asked questions. Access them anytime and provider fast answer to your customer’s requests.
  • Sound notifications: You always know when a new visitor comes to your site, because HelpOnClick notifies you through a sound alert.
  • Active Status Messages: Support icons show if your operators are online or offline. Whenever you’re unavailable, visitors can leave a message and you will be able to reply back, as the message goes straight to your Inbox.
  • Enhanced SSL security: Improved safety, using SSL encryption.

Live Chat with HelpOnClick is easy, fast and available for virtually any online store. Check our Addons section for great integration tutorials.