The Automotive Industry

As the online environment has progressed, it has continually attracted more and more industries. The automotive industry is no exception to this evolution and has been deeply integrated within the online world. Automobile dealers now provide their own websites, with full information on the vehicles they sell. However, this is not enough to convince customers to buy. They usually need more information, regarding aspects such as fuel consumption or technical features. These are sometimes key details that customers will need in order to make a purchase.

In order to face the market’s challenges, both dealers and manufacturers have realized that thy have to provide the same high level of customer service on their websites, as they do in their offices or show rooms. As a result, companies who have facilitated the online communication process have also registered increased sales and have grown their businesses.

Provide Live Chat Support and Close More Sales
Using a Live Chat application has become the solution that many businesses have implemented in order to provide a higher level of Customer Service and an easier communication process. This is a convenient way to provide assistance to visitors who are viewing your products online. Using Live Chat makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you and receive assistance from a knowledgeable operator. You can guide your visitors through the entire process and turn them into your satisfied customers.

HelpOnClick provides an easy to use Live Chat application, which allows your customers to contact you directly from your website, while they go through the products or services they are looking for. Whenever someone is interested in purchasing a vehicle from your company, you will always have a tool to help improve the relationship with your potential customers, build trust and increase the chances of closing more sales.

Be Proactive, with Automatic Chat Invitations
By using the HelpOnClick Live Chat, you can easily invite your visitors to chat. Automatic invitations are shown to visitors, if they have been browsing your website for a certain amount of time. Your custom message will be displayed, showing that someone is available to help. Your visitors will be encouraged to accept the invitation and start a chat with your operators. This means that more customers will be engaging in conversations, so you will have more chances to increase your sales and the level of customer satisfaction. You will build lasting relationships and provide excellent customer service.

Personalized Assistance Means More Happy Customers
By providing Live Chat support with HelpOnClick, you will have the possibility to see what kind of vehicles, accessories or parts your visitors are looking for. You will see what pages they are on, when having a conversation. This way, your operators can personalize the entire discussion and guide customers through the process of meeting their requirement. When an operator professionally answers all the customer’s requests, the chances of closing a sale are significantly higher.

Enjoy Flexibility
HelpOnClick is an extremely flexible tool, reliable and easy to use, no matter how you like to chat. You can chat from any browser, the only thing you need is an Internet connection. You can also use our Free and Easy Desktop Application which shows notifications whenever a new visitor is on your website or there is an incoming chat. If you like the freedom of chatting through your mobile phone, our Chat via SMS feature is the perfect solution.

Key Benefits
With HelpOnClick, your Automotive Business will gain more customers by providing easy ways to interact and receive advice. Here are some of the main benefits you will enjoy:

  • Easy communication – Visitors can interact with you at the click of a mouse.
  • Improved conversation rates by having knowledgeable operators, always available to advise customers.
  • A better understanding of your customer’s needs – You know exactly what they are looking for, what they want, by viewing the keywords used to find your website and the pages viewed.
  • Proactivity – The Real Time Monitoring feature allows you to keep an eye on your traffic and visitor activity; automatic and manual chat invitations show that you are available to assist.
  • Customization – Change colors, logos and add operator images, to fit your website and build a more personal relationship between your customers and your company.
  • Statistics – Get detailed reports on operator performance and visitor activity.
  • Flexibility – Chat from anywhere you want, directly from your mobile phone.