The Firing of Neurons: Explaining How Virtual Agents Work

Virtual agents boost up the productivity of a business, reinforce the customer support network of an organization and improve customer’s online shopping experience. You can learn more about the advantages of a virtual agent incorporated live chat software by clicking here.

However, as owners of an online retail business, how many of you know the actual working of these HTML coded virtual agents?

how virtual agents work

Why is it important?

As the owner of an online retail business it is important to know the processing framework of a virtual agent:

  • To provide them better training.
  • To identify the loopholes in the technology and design a solution that consolidates your customer support strategy in an improved way.

In this blog we are going to address this all too important subject.

How Virtual Agents Work in a Live Chat Software Framework?

The majority of virtual agent solutions currently being deployed by online businesses, work on a pre-programmed scripted model. There is a second category of virtual agents which we will discuss later.

You identify a set of keywords which your customers use to search for a query and then you design a scripted answer, assigning each to the respective keywords. These answers are then stored in an information database of the virtual agent incorporated live chat software.

Now, when a consumer visits your website, they type their query in the message box asking the virtual agent to find a solution to the typed query. The virtual agent processing framework takes the input from the user and matches it to the keyword assigned answers, stored in the database. The answer which gets the highest matching score is processed as the solution to the asked query.

What are the Limitations of a Scripted Virtual Agent?

There are two limitations to this virtual agent incorporated live chat software solution:

  1. You need a large set of data points—the keywords and the answers. If the user, structures a query in a way that the information being asked does not match with the set of stored data points, your virtual agent will fail to respond with the right answer.
  2. The solution requires supervised training. This means that if you want your virtual agent to accommodate more sets of questions, you will have to manually expand the database.

The Future

The technological solution is still in its earlier stages in terms of deployment. Currently, organizations do not completely rely on the services of a virtual agent – a representative of the organization shares the traffic. As such, the scripted virtual agents are a feasible solution to consolidate your customer support services.

However, as we continue to evolve as a society, our reliance on technology is only meant to increase further. This is where the scripted virtual agents can limit the potential of an online business. And this is where we would like to introduce the second category of virtual agents – the AI virtual agent incorporated live chat software.

The program is still in its infancy but it is expected that once fully matured, these virtual agents will transform the customer support service. They can learn new keywords on their own and recognize query patterns without any supervised training. They can answer more complex queries and perhaps one day, they will completely take over the operation of your customer support service department.

We aim to closely follow these developments, keeping our readers informed and determined to integrate them with our future updates and designs.

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