Live Chat Software for Kentico

Kentico Live Chat Software Integration

At HelpOnClick, we develop software intended to assist businesses with their client relations through innovations in live chat technology. Client relationships can be increased exponentially through clear, precise communication. With that in mind, you need software that allows any visitor to your website to communicate clearly and find understanding for any questions or misgivings that they may have. After all, any prospective client can never be too certain about a purchase or general decision that they are about to make. Our Kentico live chat software integration can help you turn casual visitors into dedicated customers and clients.

All-in-One Program

If you’re tired of forcing your separate systems to work together, Kentico may be the perfect fit for you. Kentico is the only fully integrated CMS that will give you the freedom to focus on creating your website and perhaps more importantly, provide your customers with the clear, precise communication that they deserve.

With top-notch capability and speed, the power to develop how you want, and of course the highly integrated Kentico live chat software, it proves itself a tough choice to beat.

On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code

Add live chat to your Kentico website - HelpOnClick
Log into your Kentico Administrator account.

Go to Content > Corporate Site, click Edit then select Master Page, on the right side panel.

Paste the code on your Kentico CMS, just under the first opening tag, like in the below screenshot.

Install live chat on your Kentico website - HelpOnClick

Click Save and the chat widget will be ready to use on your Kentico website.

That’s it!