How to setup Virtual Chat Agent

1. Click on tabs: Admin -> Virtual Agent -> Settings

2. Choose if you want the Virtual Agent settings to apply to all websites (default), or select a specific website from the websites drop down.

3. Choose which language you are setting up from the language drop down.

4. From the “Enable mode”, you can choose when the Virtual Agents to answer chat requests.

5. Select either to skip or not pre-chat fields. You can see how to add pre-chat fields here: Add pre-chat fields

6. If the box “Chat with a real person” link is ticked, a link will appear on the chat screen of your visitors to give them an option to connect with a live agent.

7. You can name your Virtual Agent and upload an image to show up when your visitors are chatting with it.

8. The “Labels for lead name” are predefined script that the visitor gets during chat when collecting his/her lead. Edit as you see fit.

9. Don’t forget to hit the Save button after you change the settings.

10. Continue with setting up a script for your Virtual Agent.