The Travel Industry

Grow your business and gain more customers, with HelpOnClick
If you own a Travel Agency or any other travel related business, then you already know that your potential customers will not settle for booking their vacation on a regular website, without any interaction with a travel agent who can advise them. Communication has become a crucial component of any business today, therefore it is important to allow your customers to get in touch with you at any time.

With HelpOnClick your business can gain more customers by providing them with the possibility to easily interact with your representatives, via Live Text Chat. Your customers will get an easy online customer care service and therefore, they will feel more comfortable while being guided through fulfilling any of their requirements.

Increase sales and gain more satisfied customers
By using HelpOnClick on your website, you will have a better chance of converting more visitors into customers, by providing guidance through Live Chat Support. You can easily assist them to decide which of your vacation offers suits them best, by having a Live Chat Representative available to help them. By making communication easier, you will inspire more confidence to your visitors and therefore, they will be more likely to become your customers.

Use Live Chat Software for Travel Booking
As potential customers tend to feel more comfortable if they are assisted by a live person while looking to purchase online, you can benefit from this by providing your visitors with the possibility to communicate with a tour agent before booking a trip. With HelpOnClick, your visitors will be able to easily chat with your agents – just one click and they can immediately start a conversation.

Proactively invite your visitors to chat
HelpOnClick provides easy to use automatic invitations, which you can choose to send to your visitors. This way, they will be more confident that someone is available to help them. The invitation will contain your customized message which can enable your visitors to start a chat and increase the possibility of gaining one more customer.

Easy Integration and flexibility
You can easily integrate HelpOnClick with any website, along with many third party systems. Live Chat can be integrated with emails, so your existing and potential customers can communicate with you with just one click.

Through our Chat via SMS feature, your operators can easily chat with visitors using a mobile device. Therefore, if your operators are not in front of a computer, you won’t miss a customer, because you will receive any chat requests via SMS.

Overall Advantages

By choosing HelpOnClick, your Travel Business will gain a definite advantage by creating more communication channels and encouraging everyone who visits your website to become a customer. Your overall Customer Service level will improve and a good Customer Support Service definitely brings more sales.

  • Easily communicate with visitors and provide them the opportunity to interact with a live person who can assist with their requirements.
  • Your travel agents can help visitors get the information they need while looking to book a vacation. This way, your chance of getting a new customer will increase.
  • Generate further sales to existing or potential customers, through operators who have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide them through all of your products and services.
  • Provide customers the opportunity of interacting with your staff by integrating Live Chat into your website or emails and increase conversion rate quickly and easily.