The Software Industry

Since the use of computers and the Internet has become an element of daily life, a new field of activity has emerged. Software development has become an increasingly important industry, as more and more users are in need of applications for specific new needs. It’s a challenging world, where customer requirements are changing at an extremely fast rate, therefore, software designers have to keep up with this and be able to meet all these needs in order to stay on top.

Moreover, the newly emerging mobile and Social Media industries have brought software development to a whole new level, demanding more and more interactivity and ease of communication.

Every developer has to be permanently in touch with customers, in order to make sure that they meet their frequently changing needs. The website of a software design company has to provide visitors with enough information, interactivity and ease of contact, so that they will be more confident in choosing their products. It’s crucial that communication is made easy for the visitor, directly on the website, because it is not that likely to receive a call, from someone looking for software, for instance. Instead, this type of customer is expected to get in touch faster, through a company website.

This is why, providing Live Chat Support on a software development website can really help make a difference. Customers are in need of advice most of the times, so having an expert available to answer their questions is the way to go, when you truly want to increase sales.

Ramp up your software business, using HelpOnClick Live Chat
A complete Live Chat solution, such as HelpOnClick, can be your main tool for boosting sales volume and increasing customer satisfaction. A company providing Live Chat support will clearly differentiate itself from the competition, through professionalism, excellent customer service and an increasingly large customer base.

Know your Customers and Build Relationships
HelpOnClick allows you to gain insights on your customers’ needs, through easy to use monitoring features. You know what your customers are looking for, what they are viewing on your website and how exactly did they reach you. This enables you to personalize your support, for each visitor, to increase the chances of winning one more satisfied customer. Proactive chat invitations will encourage visitors to engage in a conversation with your experts. It’s an important factor that will contribute to your growth. Professional Live Support builds trust and brings your customers closer to your business, creating a strong relationship.

Expert Advice is the Key to Success
Every software development business owner is aware that their customers are always in need of support. Not everyone who chooses to buy certain software is an expert, so providing support for all categories of customers is crucial for ensuring loyalty and acquiring new clients.
No matter if it’s pre-sales or post-sales software support, an expert developer available via Live Chat on your company website, will be able to quickly and easily assist customers with their questions and help them properly understand your product, no matter what their level of knowledge is.

Enjoy Flexibility through Mobile and Social Customer Service
Today, a large number of business owners are continuously on the move. This is why mobility has become extremely important. To meet this need, HelpOnClick provides easy Chat Support via SMS, so that you can stay in touch with your website visitors from anywhere in the world.
Furthermore, the HelpOnClick Facebook App enables you to provide support to your Fans and even enable additional users to interact with your business, determined by the ease of communication. Providing Live Chat Support on Facebook can become an important part of your business, as more and more users are engaged in Social Media today.

Get the Benefits
Providing Live Chat Support on your software development website, using HelpOnClick, will encourage visitors to become your customers, therefore increasing your sales volume and making a difference on the market. Customers will feel more confident while knowing that a professional advisor is always there to help them. Business relationships will become stronger and therefore, the entire business will grow significantly.