The Real Estate Industry

After going through a rather difficult period, the Real Estate industry has been gradually developing during the past few years. The growth of the market has determined an increased level of competition for Real Estate Agencies, therefore, attracting customers and gaining a competitive advantage, has become crucial.

Use HelpOnClick Live Chat to Face the Market’s Challenges and Close More Business
Unlike past industry practices, when Real Estate Agents were receiving customer visits in their offices to close sales; and were printing catalogues to show their properties to potential customers; today, the methods of doing business have significantly simplified. The use of the Internet has enabled Agencies to easily add online images or tours of their properties; so all that potential customers have to do is visit their website and choose an appropriate property, according to their needs. The website of a Real Estate Agency has become the most important element of their activity; the gateway towards their success or failure.

However, no matter how professional and comprehensive the website is, a customer who wishes to buy, sell or rent a property, will always feel the need to interact to an agent and learn more information or receive advice. Excellence in customer service is only achieved through having a knowledgeable advisor, always available to offer assistance. Providing easy communication channels and interactivity has become one of the greatest challenges Real Estate Agents have to meet. The easier the communication, the more advantage is gained, over the competition.

Therefore, having Live Chat implemented on your Real Estate website will make a great difference for you and your potential customers, as excellent customer service can be ensured quickly and easily. Visitors, who are viewing your properties online, will be able to easily chat with you, receive the support they deserve and become your happy customers.

No matter if you are an Agency, Insurance or Mortgage Broker, or you offer any other related services, HelpOnClick Live Chat will boost your sales and customer service level.

Grow Your Business and Win the Trust of More Happy Customers
By implementing HelpOnClick on your Real Estate website, you will increase your conversions rate and close more business, by having an agent available through Live Chat. You see what kind of properties your visitors are looking for and you can personalize each conversation, so that they will receive their well-deserved advice and become your satisfied customers.

Show your Visitors that You Care – Invite Them to Chat
HelpOnClick allows you to easily invite your visitors to chat, either automatically or manually. Your potential customers will know that someone is there to assist, anytime they need clarifications or advice. Customized invitation messages will encourage everyone to start a chat, interact with your Real Estate Agents and therefore, increase the chances of easily getting new property visits or contracts.

Flexible and Mobile Support for your Customers
HelpOnClick can easily be integrated within virtually any website, quickly and easily, just by copying and pasting a block of HTML code. You can also add Live Chat to your emails, so that your potential and existing customers can quickly get in touch.

Using our Chat via SMS option, your agents can easily chat with your potential customers through a mobile device. You miss no customers and you quickly respond to their requests, even if you are not in front of a computer.

Main Benefits

With HelpOnClick, your Real Estate Business will provide more interactivity and gain the trust of visitors, by offering excellent customer service, which is known to be one of the pillars of business growth.

  • Visitor Interaction – quickly and easily, with just one click.
  • Increased conversation rates through expert advice; to create a trustworthy business.
  • Fast and easy improvement of your customer service levels.
  • Insights on your customers’ needs – know what kind of properties your visitors are looking for, by viewing their activity on your website.
  • Real time monitoring of your website traffic and easy manual or automatic chat invitations, to show your visitors that someone is there to assist them.
  • Easy customization to fit your website.
  • Enhanced statistics to gain useful information on your activity.
  • Mobility – chat with your visitors via SMS and catch every opportunity to grow your business.