The Education Industry

Recently, the challenge of market share competition has even taken over the Education Sector. Institutions have realized that they need to pay more attention to the way they ensure services to their students and have even implemented marketing techniques to attract more talented applicants.

Providing Live Chat Support on the website of an educational institution will be an extraordinary advantage. It will turn a rather monotone, information-rich website, into a highly interactive one, where potential or current students, even alumni, will be able to get help from a live person, directly on the website.

Increase enrollment levels with HelpOnClick Live Chat
The websites of educational institutions have experienced a significant shift, from only providing a contact form for enquiries, to allowing visitors to call and chat with a support person. The challenging competition has made them realize that communication is key to their success in enrolling the brightest students.

With HelpOnClick, interactivity is extremely easy. Potential students who visit an institution’s website will be a lot more encouraged to request information, submit applications and register for classes. By providing assistance on all these aspects, you can be sure that there will be more enrollment applications and more of your current students will be happy with your services. Not to mention, your onsite administrative workload will sigtnificantly decrease, due to many requests being resolved online.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiple real time conversations simultaneously – so that your administrative staff can respond to online requests quickly and easily.
  • Proactive chat invitations to increase student interest and encourage them to ask for information and advice.
  • Reduced costs – the number of handled phone calls will drastically reduce.
  • Time saving and effective – both for students and staff.
  • Real time monitoring – to understand the interests of your students. See what they are looking for on your website, what the page they are viewing is and how they got to it.
  • Easy customization to fit the needs of your website. Add your own colors, text, icons, logos, and more.
  • Flexible and reliable – HelpOnClick can be used from any browser connected to the Internet, or through our easy to use desktop application. If you are on the move, you can also provide Live Chat Support through your mobile phone, using our worldwide Chat via SMS feature.

Using HelpOnClick Live Chat will enable any education provider to gain significant advantages over other institutions which are not providing live support through their websites. These advantages will result in more suitable applicants, more enrollments and more satisfied students and alumni. Services will improve considerably and therefore, your institution will take another huge step forward.