Industry Focus

If you own a business today, it has become compulsory to also have a website to help your customers better understand the products or services you have to offer. No matter if your business is online or offline, excellent customer service is crucial for your success.

Potential customers are in need of easy ways to get in touch. This is where your website could definitely benefit from the use of a Live Chat Service, to provide instant live help to your clients. The HelpOnClick Live Chat Software is easy to use on virtually any website and provides a great way for your visitors to communicate with your support team, with just one mouse click. Your sales process will run much smoother so this will create more leads and bring more customers to your business.

Moreover, using the HelpOnClick Live Chat Application for Facebook, you will have the possibility to support Social Media Users and turn them into your happy customers.

The Live Chat Software from HelpOnClick can be successfully used within a wide range of websites and businesses, covering various industries:

  • Automotive – Selling vehicles, parts or accessories becomes easier when someone is always available to help customers choose what suits them best. A Live Chat Service can make the difference between an average automotive business and a very successful one.
  • Education – Education Institutions, Colleges or Universities can significantly increase the number of applicants to their courses and also reduce their internal workload, by providing Live Chat Support to students, directly on their website. This way, students will be more satisfied, as they obtain quicker support, without the need to go to any administrative office to ask for information.
  • Real Estate – This is one of the most challenging industries, where if a business cannot keep up with the market’s changes and customer needs, then it will most probably go down. Live Support for customers looking for a home or office location, has become extremely important and has turned into the main pillar for Real Estate success. The Live Chat from HelpOnClick can enable your customers to decide quicker on choosing your offers; therefore, it will give your business a boost, clearly differentiating it from competition.
  • Retail – Online stores represent a business category which will not gain a lot of customers without providing Live Customer Service. This is why Live Chat is strongly recommended, in order to smooth out the sales process and provide customers with the support they require. It is a lot easier for them to choose a product once someone is there to advise them on whether that specific product is suitable for their needs. Live Chat is a great tool to build customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Software Development – Businesses involved in software development are always in need of easy communication with their potential customers. Not every software user is an expert; therefore, providing Live Chat software support can become the main reason why website visitors will want to become your customers.
  • Travel – Nowadays, more and more people choose to have a vacation from time to time. Tour operators are constantly increasing in numbers; therefore, the need to over score competition is high, for every business in the field. By providing Live Chat Support to potential customers, any travel agency can boost their customer base, while facing the market’s challenges and leaving competition behind.