Customer Service Trends for 2016

A new year is new goals and possibilities. In the beginning of a year we plan that our business will grow larger and our customers will be happier with our products. Any plan should consider the main trends for the year. Here is a list of the main trends in customer service and customer experience for the upcoming year.

Supervision for timely help and control

Help your live chat operators to communicate with customers in real time, keep all conversations under control, take timely actions. It is all possible with the new Supervision feature.

There is no need to stand behind a chair to help operators handle difficult issues or train new staff. With the new feature you can help thousands miles away.

Black Friday Sale: Live Chat Software for Less than $1

HelpOnClick always provides reasonable price for its products, but we think you will enjoy our Black Friday Sale.

No, You Should Not Be That Negative When Chatting With Clients

Customers do not always need to see or hear a customer service representative to understand their mood or attitude. Even via live chat the words you choose can tell a lot to your customers.

We often start our sentences with the “NO” word. 

HelpOnClick Live Chat Introduces Advanced Engagement Options

HelpOnClick introduces updates in the “Code” area (Admin -> Code) of the live chat operator panel. The updates are available for all users on all plans. 

As you may already know, all the HelpOnClick plans include free chat setup on up to five websites. From now on you can customize unlimited variants of each engagement option for every website. 

5 Methods to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Forty-eight percent of people who had negative experiences with a company told 10+ people about it, and only twenty-three percent of customers who had a positive experience told 10+ people about it. How many satisfied and unsatisfied customers does your business have? How can we measure customer satisfaction?

Warning: Your Customer Service Worsens as Your Company Grows!

Small companies often provide better customer service than big companies. This sounds ridiculous, because big companies have more resources to provide better service. But it turns out that a big budget does not mean good service at all.

Hire the Best Customer Service Team

Customer service standards determine service quality. But only people can make any system work.  Only a well-trained and motivated customer service team can deliver superior customer service. It is not easy to find the right people, but if you know what to look for, your plan may come true. 

You Must Understand Why Every Interaction With a Customer is Important

Every interaction with a customer is a chance to change their opinion about your business. Customers adjust their behavior based on every experience. These changes may be either profitable or unprofitable for your company.

How to be Good at Customer Service

If customer service is your job, and you want to succeed in it, this article is for you. Wether you have large experience or you are new at customer service, it is never late to improve your skills.

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