HelpOnClick Celebrating Joys With You

Everybody nowadays is making use of the biggest social media platform, Facebook. It is because it has become the hottest site in the World Wide Web. Thereby, you have better chances to augment and flourish the business. HelpOnClick brings app for Facebook chat which will allow you to better interact with the customers.

More Sales on Christmas Season! It Is Possible!

Is there live chat support on your e-Commerce website? No? You are losing your customers and income!

How To Handle Criticism With The Help Of Live Chat Software

Time to time again customer service is talked about. But have anyone told you before that customer service all about handling unhappy, rude, upset unsatisfied customers? No? Let us look at this side of the picture. Customers can make or break your company therefore you need to be very careful while dealing with them. You will have to face a lot of criticism from them. But the key point is that you should lose your temper. Instead of giving up follow the simple process to manage the difficult customers.

Helponclick Supports You Maintain The Business Easily

Running an online business is quite a challenging task but HelpOnClick has made it easier for you. It has developed live chat software to provide live help to the customers and prospects. A prospect needs to talk to the business representative while they are shopping online, as there are many questions in their minds to ask. Taking care of the customers’ demands will uplift the business higher and the reputation will also increase. The software will help you cater the basic needs of the customers right away without any delays. When a visitor comes to your web you can greet them warmly and graciously to welcome them all the way through.

Get More Chats With Your Website Visitors

There are two points of view on number of website live chat sessions. Some people say ‘the more the better’ and others believe in the opposite. And both parties have their point. On one side, the more visitors contact you, the better your chances to sell are. On the other side, many inquiries force business owners hire extra chat agents with all that it implies.

HelpOnClick Allows You To Deal With The Customers Competently

They say good customer get you everything. They are 100% true; a prospect that is happy and satisfied by the customer service will definitely come again to you. It becomes difficult to render appropriate help to the customers on time in an online business but not anymore. HelpOnClick is here with a web solution that is developed just according to the needs of the business and customers. The live chat software can be customized keeping in view the particular demands and expectations. It is pretty much important for an organization to keep in touch with the customers quite often. This way you will be receiving regular feedback from them and will be able to resolve their issues right on time. The live chat software is all about keeping customers contended. Enhancing the quality standards of the customer service will increase the conversion rate and at the end of the day sales. That’s not it! The reseller of the software will receive several perks; they can earn money through life time commissions.

How to Improve Your Live Chat Service: Chat Scripts

Live chat on websites is mostly used for sales and customer service. Technical support mostly requires technical knowledge, but how to make sure that your sales operators perform good job?

Service interruptions – a word from our CEO

Today, HelpOnClick clients experienced service interruptions for long periods of the day. This is one of those rare cases I’ve come across during my 8 years of managing HelpOnClick and I’d like to be transparent and shared our experience with you.

Less expensive and most reliable customer service support software

Businesses grow on the basis of customer relation; therefore, you need to build strong connection with them. It will not hurt your budget at all but eventually yield you excellent results. HelpOnClick has developed great customer service support software for online businesses and online projects that would meet the customer expectations just as they want and they would receive top quality service from you. Customers usually have to ask questions before they make a purchase and after sale services are even more important as supporting customers with problems is said to be the finest gesture to show they are being appreciated. Similarly, chat application on Facebook by HelpOnClick lets you focus on the existing customers and assists you to make new ones then and there. You can engage visitors in discussions and get useful suggestions from them to improve the standards of the business. Facebook application can be more beneficial for small to medium business and enhance the satisfaction level.

HelpOnClick Live Chat is Extended with New Features

We’ve just released a native live chat application for Android devices, and we have some more great news this week. We have improved customization options, and now you can have separate pre-chat fields, email and other settings for each of your website; and we have added new automatic invitation rules.

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