Live Chat Solution: Cases Resonate With Positive Echoes

We have already discussed (Why Your Business Needs a Live Chat Software?) the business benefits of live chat solution. However, discussing the benefits of a tool in theory is quite different from presenting the facts appreciated through its practical implementation. And in business, it is all about the tangibles.

Today we will be reviewing some case studies, where organizations across the globe have integrated live chat solution as part of their operations and are availing the benefits in different business domains.

Case Study #1: Kindred Health Care

A Brief Profile of the Company

Kindred Healthcare is a healthcare service company that provides hospitalization, rehabilitation and home care services across United States.

The Implemented live chat solution

Kindred Healthcare integrated live chat solution as a part of the project designed to expand the services of its pilot customer support center, which was inaugurated in 2014. Along with call center solution, the live chat feature allows the support staff at Kindred Healthcare customer support center to facilitate the patients with their queries 24/7. Previously, the customer support was only available from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. The reinforcement has been well received among the local community.

Case Study #2: Intuit Inc.

A Brief Profile of the Company

Intuit Inc. is a public limited software development company that provides financial, accounting and taxation solutions to the business community. It is the company behind some of the famous products like QuickBooks and Mint.

The Implemented Solution

The company integrated live chat solution with its ecommerce website at different pages. A widget was incorporated with its lead generation landing page. Another live chat widget was integrated on the product comparison page. And the third and final live chat solution was embedded on its checkout page.  Through the implementation of the live chat widgets the company reported:

Stats provided courtesy of proimpact7.

Case Study #3: Virgin Atlantic

A Brief Profile of the Company

Virgin Atlantic is a UK based airline company that routes flight operations across North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean from the bases of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airport.

The Implemented Solution

The airline company has integrated a live chat solution as part of its operation, with the platform being named as LivePerson Inc.

It has lead to increased conversion rate among consumers and the feature has also resulted in a surge of average order values by 15 percent.

Furthermore, the senior management at Virgin Atlantic also reported that the live chat solution has allowed them to cut their overhead expenses, previously required to maintain a team of call center agents. More details can be found here.

Live chat solutions are being increasingly deployed across different industries with varying levels of effectiveness and productivity. It is a trend that will only grow from strength to strength. As such, every organization should look into the benefits offered by live chat software and design solutions to incorporate them as part of their operations.

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