How to Use An Email Marketing Campaign

Almost 95% of companies that automate their marketing efforts, use an email marketing campaign regularly. That is understandable if you think about it. A solid email marketing strategy is a Virtual Agent and its essential for any business that wishes to improve its customer base and tap into hidden markets at the same time.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to write a fancy, 1000 word long email to get that attention. A well written, short and simple one is more than enough to compel your customers to take desired actions.

The following tips will help you get started on an e marketing campaign that sells:

Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Use Headlines that make an impact

The first thing your target customer will see when he/she sees your email from an email marketing campaign is the subject line. If it is boring, they may not even click on it. This is the first impression you will make in their inbox and will thus determine whether your email is worth reading or not.

A killer headline is the key in this regard and the best ones arouse curiosity. For examples, tease them into clicking by asking them a question, but make sure it is relevant to the content. A clever play on words may also arouse their curiosity enough to compel them to read the entire thing and click on that ‘Download’ button.

Use language that sells

You don’t have to rely on verbs to make your email marketing campaign content actionable but it can help. For example, saying ‘take your loved one to dinner’ in an email campaign that promotes restaurant discounts can make your email more relevant. The reader will know exactly what he/she needs to do and will be curious enough to learn more.

On the contrary, you can play around with words as well. Just keep one thing in mind – always make sure that the recipient knows what he/she can do with the information if they open it. The value they get from the content will determine the success of your email marketing campaign.

Reel them in with stories

A sales pitch is nothing without a story backing it. People relate more to email content that speaks to them on a personal level. Besides peaking their interest, a story gives your business a face and personality so to speak.

The best way to tell an effective story is to talk about a problem and follow it up with solutions you provide. For example you can talk about problems you faced when you started your business or an issue that cropped up during a product launch. Following it up with solutions that you offer will make the reader understand why they need your services.

A story that taps into the common issues and frustrations your readers can relate to should be the backbone of your email marketing strategy. Ending each email with a clear and concise call to action will ensure a higher turnover and more downloads. That is way more effective than a common sales pitch that does not take the readers’ needs into account.

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