How to Calm an Angry Customer

Dealing with complaining customers is an important part of any customer service. It is easy to help when customers explain in details what happened and what they want to be done. But how to help an angry customer, when his emotions do not let you evaluate the situation? Here are some tips on how to handle the situation.

1.    Actively listen and empathize with the customer.
Let your customers express their feelings and talk through their problems. Convey that you understand how they feel using phrases like “I understand your disappointment” or “I can imagine how upsetting that must have been”.

2.    Identify the problem.
You have to clearly understand what the problem is to be able to provide a solution. If the problem is not clear to you, do not be afraid to ask questions.

3.    Apologize when appropriate.
Sometimes your customers just want to hear that you admit the guilt and you are sorry about the issue, and their anger vanishes in a split second. But do not apologize too much, 1-2 times is enough in any situation.

4.    Offer a solution.
Concentrate on the solutions at your disposal and make sure that the customer agrees with the offered solution and understands what will be done. Mention that even the offered solution will not work, you will do your best to help. Bring in your supervisor if a customer demands more than you can deliver.

5.    Deliver on a promise in a timely manner.
It is very important to be precise about resolving the issue. Make sure that everything is done in full and on time.

6.    Ask for a feedback.
Make sure that your customer is satisfied with the provided solution and he does not have any further complaints about the issue.

7.    Wow the customer.
Exceed customer’s expectations providing faster help or doing more than he could expect of you. Sometimes it can be good to favor a customer with a small gift.



Never argue back to an angry customer. Confrontation is what you need to avoid in this situation.

Be patient. If you stay calm and remain professional, your customers will slow down their emotions sooner or later.

Stay positive. No matter what happened, try to overcome all negative tendencies and adopt a positive approach and mindset.

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