HelpOnClick Live Chat For Android Devices on Google Play!

We’ve been waiting for it for several months, and here it is: live chat application for Android devices has been released! And it’s absolutely free for all HelpOnClick subscribers.

From now on it will be real fun chatting with your website visitors. You don’t have to stay by your PC all day long, or use SMS to chat on your mobile. Our native application for Android devices keeps all our traditions in software development. It is intuitive, easy-to-use and very helpful. Even if you travel a lot, or like outdoor activities, you can always stay in touch with your website visitors. And it is same easy as using desktop or web applications.

As we promised, with mobile app you are able to keep track on your real time visitors and invite them for a chat, just like the desktop & web apps. Multiple chats, canned messages, sneak peak on real time typing, chat transfer, email transcript – all this features help you chatting playfully on your mobile device.

On Traffic Monitor screen you will see the visitors’ current page, their browser type, referrer, number of visited pages, time on site, invite status. Of course you will be able to invite to chat manually, before your website visitors decide to contact you.

The screens are adjusted for both mobile phones and tablets. Tablets’ screen size allows having canned messages always on your screen.  Isn’t it what you are accustomed to?

We did our best to develop an easy-to-use application for you. You can download live chat app for Android on Google Play. We hope you’ll enjoy using it and leave your reviews both on Google Play page and our Facebook page.


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