5 Ways Online Chat Improves Customer Conversion Rates

Online chat support is an effective tool to improve customer conversion rates. When used effectively, live chat support can be an important tool for success. Using a live chat solution can help identify potential customers and engage with them at the crucial time when they are about to make a decision to buy or walk out and visit another store.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of online customer support in improving customer conversion rates.

Live Chat Benefits In Customer Conversion Rates.

1. Real-Time Support

Website chat integration provides real-time support to customers. A research by Forrester found that communicating with customers through a help desk chat software influences purchase decisions. Around 44 percent of online customers stated that having their concerns addressed through an online chat was the most important feature of a site.

Real-time support through web chat results proves to be a big win for companies. Compared to companies that don’t offer live chat support, customers who received online chat support are more likely to opt for a trial and are happier with their customer experience, reflected by a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS). This results in greater incremental business revenue and higher customer conversion rates.

2. Greater Convenience

Live chat support also leads to greater convenience for the customer. Providing support through web chat can help remove any confusion and build customer’s confidence. It adds a human touch to the online experience that can be a game changer in improving revenues. This increases the chances of a customer making a purchase from the site, thereby increasing customer conversion rates.

3. Proactive Chat

The online chat feature also allows the customer service personnel to send an invitation to chat with online visitors. The chat box will open automatically whenever a person visits your site or perform a certain action like checking out your pricing package. Customer service personnel can also chat with online users during the checkout process to ensure that everything is okay. This can result in enhanced shopping experience, resulting in higher customer conversion rates and repeat business.

4. Solve The Customer’s Problems

Live chat can be used to solve the customer’s problems and address any concerns, leading to increased customer conversion rates. This can add significant benefit to the company’s bottom line. Customers are more likely to purchase products or services when their concerns are addressed immediately through a live chat. Instead of giving up and going to another site when they cannot find a product, customers can can ask online chat agents and get a prompt reply regarding their concern.

5.  Cross Sell

Finally, online web chat integration allows your customer service personnel to cross-sell products. They will be able to recommend products that can enhance customer experience. This will also lead to improved customer conversion rates.

The fact is website chat integration can make a direct impact on the company’s bottom-line. With live chat, companies can offer instant support in a cost-effective manner. Providing online support is much cheaper as compared to traditional customer service channels that result in greater profits for the company.

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