Multilingual Live Chat Support

If you are running an online business, your top priority is to get customers to make a purchase. Whether you are selling goods or services, your site should provide all the information customers need to make that purchase. One of the best ways to do this is to use a live chat support service.

Why A Live Chat Agent?

Imagine you are a consumer visiting a site and considering making a purchase. If you have a question about a product or service that you cannot find on the site, what would you do? Many people will look elsewhere if they do not find their answers on the FAQ or the main page. Also, some site visitors simply may not have time to read through your site to find answers. With so much online competition in nearly every field, that is a chance you should never take. A live chat agent will be able to quickly and efficiently answer specific questions. With a convenient widget in the corner of the screen, your site visitors enjoy the option of having their questions answered before they can consider looking elsewhere.

Why Choose HelpOnClick?

If you are not familiar with the HelpOnClick chat software, it is well worth your time to learn more. We understand that your main priorities in shopping for a multilingual live chat service provider are value and quality. These points summarize a few of the ways we excel in both areas:

  • Our live chat operators are professional, experienced and well trained.
  • Our software is a SaaS solution, which provides you with the advanced features found on more expensive chat services for a lower price.
  • We offer unique features such as virtual chat options when agents are unavailable.
  • We provide services in over 10 different languages.
  • Our agents are tested for language proficiency before hiring.
  • We train our agents to learn all the intricate details of your business’ unique needs.
  • With our tools, you can create specific invitations to direct visitors to the right departments.
  • You will never have to worry about losing chat data with emails and offline collections.

By researching and gaining a feel for your business, the remote sales team we provide for you will start helping you build a loyal customer base. They will ensure your customers can find the products or services they need, and they will resolve issues at once.

The best part about HelpOnClick’s multilingual live chat support service is that we offer a no-risk trial. Unlike many services offering free trials, we do not collect your financial data as a condition for trying our service. We are confident you will be impressed enough with the value and quality that you will be eager to purchase it when the trial is over. Whether you are looking for live chat support for e-commerce, to improve web-based customer service or for another reason, we have all the tools to help you succeed. Sign up for your free trial today.