About Us

Over 10 Years In Business

HelpOnClick trademark was registered in the USA in 2012.
Our mission is to provide cost effective software solutions for small and midsize businesses. HelpOnClick is a one-stop shop for all your sales and customer support needs. HelpOnClick live chat is our headline product, used and loved by thousands of customers. HelpOnClick help desk software is a new product that helps you to track all communications with your customers.
Our business is not only software, but also forward-looking management, creative marketing, high-end development and dedicated customer support. We build the company that you would love to work with.

Creating Reliable & Intuitive Software

We believe software should be simple and should help people complete their work without getting in the way. Complex forms, confusing user-interfaces and hundreds of options have no place in our products.

Building the Best Team of Talented People

We are a team of people from all over the planet. We have never met each other face to face, but we all know that every team member is absolutely reliable and addicted to his job. We love what we do and this helps us create the best live chat and help desk software in the world.

Making Customers Happy

We do our best to create the software that helps our customers easily talk to their website visitors. Our simple and intuitive live chat and help desk allow our customers to concentrate on the main points - increasing sales and improving customer support.

Meet our management team

Marketing manager at HelpOnClick
Tatiana Nechaeva
Marketing Manager

Tatiana is a many-sided person. She knows a lot about online and offline marketing, business development and customer relations, and brings creative ideas to HelpOnClick. She likes crafting, downhill skiing, carting, travelling around the world, reading business literature. Tatiana loves ambitious business tasks she’s never done before.

Head of development at HelpOnClick
Pavel Koryagin
Development Manager

Pavel lives in Krasnoyarsk, cold Siberian part of Russia, with his beloved wife and daughter. He's the technology mastermind behind HelpOnClick software and manages the development department.
He loves engineering and creating scalable IT solutions, and he is very good at it. Pavel likes city tourism, forest and mountain tourism, hiking, riding bicycle, and off-road driving.

Head of customer service at HelpOnClick
Atanas Georgiev
Customer Relations Manager

Atanas is most experienced in providing customer support, giving personal attention and creating complete customer satisfaction. He possesses the ability to interact with others in a sensitive and effective way and to work co-operatively in an international, multi-cultural environment. Customers can expect 100% dedication and commitment of him.
Apart from that, he likes to keep himself active by playing football, biking through mountain terrains, skiing. Watching and reading scientific materials is another passion of his.