Who We Are

Since 2012, HelpOnClick has been helping companies and organizations strengthen communication with their sites’ users. These days, we believe that help should be just a click away. We’ve created a powerful live chat software that makes it easy for you to connect with visitors on your website, allowing you to answer questions and cultivate relationships with new site users and returning customers alike.

While we love software, HelpOnClick goes beyond that. We’re dedicated to customer service and helping others become just as dedicated as we are.

Our Team

At HelpOnClick, our team is made up of professionals with a variety of in-depth expertise in several fields, including management, software design, and customer service. We love pushing the limits, whether it’s setting new goals for the company or going out and exploring nature. Our dual focus on technical and creative elements creates a customer-focused mindset that drives all that we do.

What We Offer

Our most popular product is our live chat software, which integrates effortlessly with your site so that you can immediately start communicating with site users. It’s incredibly easy to install, requiring no programming experience and taking less than 5 minutes. Plus, the app can be installed on Windows, OS, Android, and iOS.

Recently, we’ve also unveiled our intuitive help desk software system. This help desk system lets you communicate with customers and to better collaborate as a team for other projects. It can help generate reports and allow you to track crucial information so that you can set reasonable goals and continue to grow as a company.

Why We Do It

At our core, HelpOnClick is all about connecting people virtually, something that we believe very strongly in. We’ve utilized virtual messaging to streamline our company’s internal processes, and in doing so, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making communication efficient and reliable.

Customers are relying less on phone calls, opting instead to do their research online. Whether it’s out of convenience or comfort, many people now prefer to get answers without having to commit to a phone call. If your company doesn’t have a chat option, you may be missing out on new customers and qualified leads.

Choose HelpOnClick Today

New visitors might be visiting your website every day. HelpOnClick can help you to connect with them and strengthen your organization’s growth, all for an affordable price. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to test out our chat software by getting in touch with us. You may also send us a message through the contact form on our website.

Communicate effectively and easily with HelpOnClick.

Meet our management team

Marketing manager at HelpOnClick
Tatiana Nechaeva
Marketing Manager

Tatiana is a many-sided person. She knows a lot about online and offline marketing, business development and customer relations, and brings creative ideas to HelpOnClick. She likes crafting, downhill skiing, carting, travelling around the world, reading business literature. Tatiana loves ambitious business tasks she’s never done before.

Head of development at HelpOnClick
Pavel Koryagin
Development Manager

Pavel lives in Krasnoyarsk, cold Siberian part of Russia, with his beloved wife and daughter. He's the technology mastermind behind HelpOnClick software and manages the development department.
He loves engineering and creating scalable IT solutions, and he is very good at it. Pavel likes city tourism, forest and mountain tourism, hiking, riding bicycle, and off-road driving.

Head of customer service at HelpOnClick
Atanas Georgiev
Customer Relations Manager

Atanas is most experienced in providing customer support, giving personal attention and creating complete customer satisfaction. He possesses the ability to interact with others in a sensitive and effective way and to work co-operatively in an international, multi-cultural environment. Customers can expect 100% dedication and commitment of him.
Apart from that, he likes to keep himself active by playing football, biking through mountain terrains, skiing. Watching and reading scientific materials is another passion of his.